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About Cheeky Tracks

Cheeky Tracks is one of the UK's most successful independent hard dance labels, Launched by the Cheeky Boys in 2010 with only an unknown collective of artists, Cheeky Tracks has grown into a established, well-recognised and respected brand that is firmly at the forefront of the hard dance scene. 

Rather than focusing on niche areas or sub-genres of hard dance, Cheeky Tracks focuses on accessible music from across the full spectrum of the genre. The Cheeky trademark sound is a classic mix of vocal anthems, big hooks, grooves, melody and good old fashioned hands-in-the-air dance music with crossover appeal - regardless of whether it's chunky funk, banging bounce beats, big room trance floorfillers or heads-down hard house. The team have put together a huge variety of producers - from fresh talent to today's established names, and even producers for international pop artists - who love what they do, and are constantly working hard to provide good quality hard house and hard dance tracks released weekly.

In 5 years Cheeky Tracks acheives annual sales of almost 5000 units and has released over 250 singles, including 20 #1 hits and 100 Top 10 hits on the Trackitdown charts. The label has received growing support from national and international DJs such as Technikal, Andy Whitby, Cally Gage, Rodi Style, Tidy Boys, Sam Townend, Paul Maddox and many more. Tracks have also been featured on compilations for major brands such as Tidy, Riot and Ideal. 

Notable artists featured on the label include:

* DIGITAL MAFIA - regular artist with projects on many top labels including Tidy and Ideal, winner of Hard House Newcomer at HDM Awards

* GROOVE CONTROL - in house producer since 2013 - headline act at events in the UK & abroad, radio and TV airplay including BBC Radio 1 and Clubland TV

* STARMAN - alias of Kenny Hayes, in house artist / remixer for AATW records and one half of bounce act KB Project with Wigan Pier's Ben Trengove. Has remixed several UK top 40 hits for acts such as ATB, N Trance, Michelle Gayle, Tina Cousins, Shania Twain and many more.

* HARRY HARD - former in house artist for Clubland / AATW / Universal, remixer and producer under various guises for Aretha Franklin, Gabrielle, Kelly Clarkson, Leann Rimes and many more. Had a UK Top 20 hit as Dancing DJs in 2005 and also produced #1 hits for other artists. 

* ELIVATE - in house artist since 2011, now one of the biggest selling hard house acts in the UK

* MR MISTER - alias of Josh Butler the first producer to feature on the label (as Mr Mister), and an in-house artist till 2013, now a successful international house DJ / producer

* AUDOX - in house artist since 2014 - now part of HARD, Tidy & Ideal and one third of Monday Never Comes with Andy Whitby & Cally Gage

* SHAUN LEVER - remixer / producer since 2012 - former Top 40 success as part of LMC & Trickbabies including UK #1 hit with LMC vs U2

Under the ownership of the Cheeky Boys, the label is currently managed by Leeds based DJ / producer General Bounce. For licensing, track submissions or other information, please contact using the address below.

Label owners - Andy Shimeld & Ian Dewhurst (The Cheeky Boys)

Manager - Dave Gray (General Bounce)

Artwork & design - Dave Jackson (Digital Mafia)

Please send all track submissions and licensing requests to Dave Gray at the email address below.

[email protected]