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The Cheeky Tracks VIP club is open to new members for 2024, giving up to 50 people the opportunity to receive monthly mailouts of all our new releases in 2024, along with access to our entire 13 back catalogue of over 1100 individual tracks from the last 13 years, for a flat fee of £99!

Pay £99 before December 27th 2023 and you will receive...

- all Cheeky Tracks singles and digital album exclusives in WAV format emailed monthly before they hit stores, starting from January 2024 till December 2024 (inclusive)
- WAV versions all Cheeky Tracks digital singles and bonus album tracks released from 2010 to the end of December 2023, plus 18 previously unreleased tracks and remixes - a total of over 1100 individual tracks bundled across 20 easy-to-download zip folders
- WAV versions of Cheeky Tracks: The Album 1 & 2 which will never be available to buy digitally
- WAV format downloads of all Cheeky Tracks DJ mixes released to streaming networks via the label in 2024

We may also offer other free goodies and special bonuses over the next 12 months!

£99 would normally buy you about 60 tracks in 320Kbps MP3 format from the download stores. For the same price, you will receive over 1100 individual WAV tracks in the Cheeky Tracks back catalogue, plus another 100 new tracks in 2024!

Terms and conditions:

* It is the responsibility of all members of the VIP Club to provide us with the correct email address to which your access emails are sent, for the duration of the membership
* All users must be able to access Sendspace and Dropbox links on their chosen device (you may need to whitelist these in your browser)
* You will be sent access to the Cheeky Tracks back catalogue on receipt of your order. Emails for the 2024 catalogue will be send monthly from the end of December 2024.
* Downloads will be monitored - any user found to be, or suspected to be, sharing Cheeky Tracks material on peer-to-peer networks, torrent sites, social media or filesharing sites will be immediately removed from the club with no refund.
* This offer is subject to change at any time